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Host Organization will be asked to provide the following:

These items will make your event operate smoothly and provide the greatest benefit and educational experience to your organization members. Please, feel free to call with any questions.

  • Meeting Room
  • Classroom style Table and Chair Set Up, facing the front.
  • 2 long front Instructor tables for projector, computer and misc. items
  • Large Viewing Screen for Projector
  • Power cable with multiple plug ins, taped down to prevent injury.
  • Easel with writing pad.
  • 3 Marking Pens for Writing Pad.
  • Tent Cards with name of each student
  • Optional: Name tags that stick to shirt.
  • Optional to be provided by student or organization
  • Note Pads
    Highlighter, suggested

Audio Visual and room requirements:

* Denotes optional

  • Flip Chart and Black Markers, scotch tape
  • Extension cord with power strip, running to table, taped to the floor.
  • One 6 foot table for laptop and LCD projector at front of room.
  • Viewing Screen
  • Would appreciate internet access, not required.*

1. Two 6 foot tables in rear of room.
2. Seating, Tables set classroom style facing front with isle down middle.
3. Temp cool enough to keep audience engaged.
4. Chocolate or candy on each table.
5. Coffee and water for students.

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