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What steps should I follow to get my West Virginia real estate salesperson’s license by taking an on-site 90 hour WV real estate pre-licensing course?

1. Follow these steps to Sign up for this 90 hr. pre-licensing on-site course:
• Go to
• Click on: Online Real Estate Licensing Blue Button
Then click on the following;  Click here to register for your Real Estate License course. Please note that this is a Hybrid course and will include some classroom time.
• You may also click on Online Courses, Browse Courses Box at bottom left of the page.
• Click on Add To Cart and complete form and submit registration payment.

Paper and pencil exam to be administered by Realty One, Inc. Written final exam includes both objective and subjective questions and will be graded by Realty One, Inc. as described in WV Leg. Rule §174-3-3.

3. Important Note:In order to sit for the WV Real Estate Exam, the applicant must have earned a grade of 70% or better in each of the following subject areas, as required by the WV Legislative Rule §174-3-3;
*Real Estate Principles and Practice, *Real Estate Law
*Real Estate Finance, *Real Estate Appraisal

4. Upon successful completion of the pre-license course, Realty One, Inc., (approved course provider), shall supply the student with a certificate of course completion.

5. Important Note; WVREC §30-40-11 Application for license requirements:
• Submit an application to the WVREC on their form, containing;
• Social Security Number
• Recommendation of at least two persons who; have owned property for at least 2 months prior to signing the application and have known the applicant 2 years and are not related or affiliated with applicant as employer, employing broker, partner or associate.
• Believe the applicant is honest, trustworthy, and competent to transact the business of real estate salesperson, assoc. broker or broker in a manner to protect the public’s interest.
• A clear record indicating if the applicant has been convicted of any criminal offense or if there is a criminal charge pending against the applicant.
• Is at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate or equivalent diploma.
• Is trustworthy of good moral character and competent to transact the business of a salesperson or broker.
• Has paid the appropriate fee, which must accompany the application for the original license.
• Has submitted to a state and national criminal history record check.


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